For us at Signpost, it is essential that we always obtain the best conditions for the schools that are our customers. However, this would not be possible without our various partnerships. We always endeavour to offer the best products at the most competitive prices.


We always choose the quality of HP and Lenovo for both our laptop projects and when we sell individual laptops and desktops. Both of these hardware manufacturers are active players in the market and guarantee quality. Because of our good cooperation, we are an HP Platinum Partner. We also obtained the Lenovo Premium and Platinum Partnership. This allows us to offer very competitive prices to schools, and our own technicians can carry out the necessary repairs. That benefits our service model because, after all, that's what we stand for.


Signpost is a Google for Education partner! And we are one of only a few parties in Belgium. Google has set this up so that their partners can sell, support, and innovate using the products and platforms offered for Google for Education. Partners are a fundamental part of Google for Education's drive for lecturers who can stimulate more curiosity and students who can discover more for themselves and learn better together.


This partnership is essential for the Belgian education sector because Signpost is the only Belgian Intel Education Specialist. As a result, we have a seat on the Intel Board of Advisors, together with only 5 other partners throughout EMEA. Obviously, our specialisation here is Education. This means that we have direct influence at Intel and we also have the extensive knowledge of all things Intel.



As a Microsoft reseller, we are also their partner. Operating systems are expensive, but indispensable on a computer. Through our OEM partnership, we can always provide schools with the most affordable version of Microsoft. Signpost benefits from these advantages, but also shares these benefits with the schools.


Adobe has been finding its way into our education sector and has even been included in the curriculums of the Catholic education sector. This has made the software almost indispensable for many schools. Adobe has very good software available, but quality does not always come cheap. Through our partnership, we have succeeded in developing an excellent proposal for schools so that they can still get the software at a very reasonable price. The Adobe partnership spans the entire Flemish education sector.


Signpost is also concerned about the schools’ high annual printing costs. We have an excellent printer range on offer but also work closely with Papercut. This allows you to map out and control your printing habits at a very attractive price.




Teachers often feel insecure when they are standing in front of a classroom full of computers. They have no idea what the students are doing during the lesson. Software such as Impero has been developed to take control. Impero also makes the use of computers in the classroom a lot easier. For example, you can easily send assignments to the students' computers and collect them again. Impero is a tool that teachers will find hard to do without once they have used it. And we bet the ICT Coordinator will agree with them. Of course, there are costs associated with such software. Because of our close cooperation with Impero, we can do just that little bit more to keep prices for schools as affordable as possible.